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Babooks is a hybrid publishing house offering the very best of traditional publishing and indie publishing in one solution.

Based on an author-subsidized model, we provide cost-effective, professional solutions so that writers can create and we take care of the rest. We want storytellers to embark on a paid professional writing career without all the headaches of distribution, marketing and sales slowing down their creative process.

We love authors with a purpose to share meaningful messages and empower their readers whether through their fiction stories or non fiction guides.

the words of storytellers feed the ​roots of culture.

The written word is Barry Allen's personal passionHe has been involved in publishing, book sales and author's marketing for over 25 years. 

After encountering a promising new author, he took the leap to finally start his Babooks Publishing company, thus realizing a life long dream. He handpicks authors he wants to work with the commitment to make them succeed.


As a serial entrepreneur he can only work with a select few at one time. The projects he works on those that spark his enthusiasm and interest.

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