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Frequently asked


  • What is Babooks Publishing?
    Babooks is a hybrid publishing house offering the very best of traditional publishing and indie publishing in one solution.​ ​ Based on an author-subsidized model, we provide cost-effective, professional solutions so that writers can create and we take care of the rest. We want storytellers to embark on a paid professional writing career without all the headaches of distribution, marketing and sales slowing down their creative process. ​ We love authors with a purpose to share meaningful messages and empower their readers whether through their fiction stories or non fiction guides.
  • Is Babooks Publishing accepting submissions?
    Babooks is a hybrid publishing company. That means that author subsidizes their book package, publishing and marketing at heavy discounts that are executed by a professional marketing team. In partnership, the author and Babooks enter into a profit-sharing agreement. This partnership provides the author with a clear, customized business plan to make their business model profitable which allows for decisive income-bearing results. Once you have written a good book, there is still a lot of work to ensure it sells. Babooks helps you turn writing into a career.
  • What genres do you publish?
    Our primary focus is non fiction but we also partner on a select number of fiction works. Contact us to see if we are a good fit for your project.
  • What aspects of publishing do you handle?
    Everything. We can help you plan your books and estimate their "sellability", produce your ebooks, paperbacks, audiobooks, organize your distribution on book channels, your marketing to influencers, your pr appearances and your ad campaigns. We want you to produce content.
  • You said author-subsidized, how much budget would I need?"
    We have worked to make our prices beat what you would pay overall than shopping for author services yourself. The average professional book cover can cost to $300 to $1000 but here at Babooks we create professional book covers design for $100-$200. We offer most author marketing services including building your street team, influencer marketing, social media, podcast bookings at an hourly rate of $6-$8 depending on how aggressive you plan to be and how extensive your partnership agreement is with Babooks. The idea is that collaboration on mutual strategies will make success a reality.
  • What if I don't want to share profits with Babooks?
    Our pricing is very reasonable for high quality work. Expect to pay about $12 an hour for book marketing through influencers, email and social media with ad campaigns priced per a book campaign.
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